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GermanyXFemale!Reader (Chapter 8)
~Your P.O.V.~
           BURNING!!!! Your eyes were burning! You quickly sat up and opened your eyes. Looking back to where your head was laying, you figured out why. A streak of sunlight came from your partially closed blinds and landed itself on your pillow. Sighing, you got up and opened the blinds; today you had many things to accomplish.
           You got sat down and ate your never ending supply of pears.
           “I really need to grocery shopping, after all I do have appliances.“  You thought.
           You looked at the clock and it told you that it was 7:45 am. Groggily you headed for your bag to get an outfit for the day. Settling on a mint colored sundress, you slipped it over your head. It fell over your (s/c) legs ending at your lower knee. You spun around, loving the way the puffy skirt flew around you. Next, you combe
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GermanyXFemale!Reader (Chapter 7)
~Germany's P.O.V.~
           Germany backed out of (f/n) driveway and headed back to Italy’s place. She seemed shy enough, so he decided that he would strike conversation for once. It worked; she eventually relaxed and talked with ease. He stopped himself. “Why do I care?” He asked himself, “Why do I act so different around her?”
          He reached Italy’s house. Germany parked his car, pulled out his umbrella and walked to the front steps, dreading how the Italian man would act when he came through the door. He found him looking forward to tomorrow, then once again stopped himself. “We are just friends, that is all.” He said, confirming it in his mind. He walked into the elaborate mansion.
           The next thing he knew he was almost knocked over by Italy.
:iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 11 1
GermanyXFemale!Reader (Chapter 6)
               You began your cleaning rant by changing out of your nice summer clothes to a baggy t-shirt and cut off sweatpants. Turning on your music, you headed to the mirror. You put your hair in a messy bun then jumped down the spiral staircase and got to work.
               You started up high so that you could return the ladder as soon as possible. Starting on the window sills, you dusted the white trim carefully. Then cleaned the windows and wiped them down. next you moved on to other places until the job looked well done. You folded the ladder, ready to take it to Clarice.
               Finishing around 5pm, you ran in the rain to your neighbor’s house and returned the ladder. She and her husband had been eating dinner when you dropped by.
               “Sorry to have caught you in the middle of your mea
:iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 30 67
GermanyXFemale!Reader (Chapter 5)
         Kiku rose from the couch to go and bring a towel to the mysterious voice.
         “That must be Ludwig.” You thought.
         Italy started where he left off, too interested in his conversation with you to go and see, who you were assuming to be, Ludwig. You decided to listen to him, but only caught the end.
         “-and that’s how I decided which pasta to choose!” Feli said enthusiastically.
         He was about to blab about something else when a giant flash of light and a deafening crack of thunder shook the house.
         Italy, in return, jumped onto your lap, cowering. Somehow, this didn’t really surprise you that much, so you comforted the terrified Italian until he settled down. He went back to his spot on the comfortable couch while starting a new conversation.
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Tough Love Completed by LudwigBeilschmidt15 Tough Love Completed :iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 24 20 Tough Love? by LudwigBeilschmidt15 Tough Love? :iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 3 0 Side View Finnish by LudwigBeilschmidt15 Side View Finnish :iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 0 2 Guy Side View by LudwigBeilschmidt15 Guy Side View :iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 0 2 Side view practice by LudwigBeilschmidt15 Side view practice :iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 0 2 Nose Bleed Germany by LudwigBeilschmidt15 Nose Bleed Germany :iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 1 2 A Day With Italy by LudwigBeilschmidt15 A Day With Italy :iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 4 7
GermanyXFemale!Reader (Chapter 4)
    The inside of the house was magnificent! The front foyer had cherry wood flooring and cream colored walls. Italian paintings hung on the walls and a grand chandelier hung from the high ceiling. A coatrack stood in the corner next to a shoe stand, in which shoes were nicely aligned. Slightly to the right was a spiraling staircase that matched the floor, which rose to the second level of the manor. To the far right there was a tightly shut door, and then past that, what looked to be a study.  On the left there was a giant living room, but you couldn’t see inside of it that well. Straight ahead there was a long hallway that leads to the center of the house.
    While you were marveling at the house, Feliciano took his shoes off and set them in the cubby. You followed suit and took yours off as well. You were so concentrated on undoing your shoe buckles that you didn’t see the other man step into the room.
    “Ciao Kiku!” Feli
:iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 22 12
GermanyXFemale!Reader (Chapter 3)
    On the way to the corner, you made a mental list of what you still needed to clean when you got home.
   “Let’s see, there was dusting the downstairs, cleaning the kitchen in general and all of the upstairs.” you thought.
    Hopefully, if you finished that, you could paint tomorrow. You definitely wanted to finish as much as you could, your free time was dwindling with work starting on Monday.
    You made it to the corner, but Italy wasn’t there yet. You sat down on the sun warmed pavement. It was comfortably warm, probably in the mid 70’s. Yes, you could get used to spring in Italy quite well.
    Colorful people walked past you, laughing and having a good time. Others were grump that they got ripped off or they got a terrible deal.
:iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 23 3
GermanyXFemale!Reader (Chapter 2)
    Sighing, you got up. It was in fact early, but you wanted it no other way. Today was Saturday and it was time do the most fun thing in the world: cleaning! *sarcasm* You first needed to go to the store down the road to pick up a few things, and it would be long walk there.
    You got dressed in a blue, summer top and khaki pants, brushed your teeth, put your sandals on, and left the house. The sunrise was beautiful. Beams of orange, pink, purple, and yellow streaked across the wide sky. You stood there a moment to just take it in. Slowly you stepped forward until you closed the gate to your yard and turned down the still empty street.
    After about a twenty minute walk you made it to the store.
   “FINALLY!!!” you thought pulling the handle.
    And guess what? It was locked!
    “Ugh just great.” you muttered, searching for the hours.
    The hours were in Italian, but you manag
:iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 20 4
Germany X Female Reader (Chapter 1)
           As the light of dawn drew your eyes open, you look at the ceiling. Let’s face it, it was too early to be awake, time changes had always difficult for you, and this was no exception. Pondering of yesterday made you weary. Your first new job had brought you to none other than North Italy! As you roll over you remember the sights and smells of the streets.
     After you had made it to your flight, (and almost missed it) you sat down in the gargantuan airplane.
    “The seats are always the same on these airplanes.” you mutter while putting your rather heavy luggage on the racks above.
    The seats were like always, blue and purple plaid and made a funny noise when you sunk deep into them to relax. The scratchy fabric was never comfortable. Sitting down
:iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 49 36
Wind by LudwigBeilschmidt15 Wind :iconludwigbeilschmidt15:LudwigBeilschmidt15 1 3


Mirai Kuriyama's Blood Sword by DPCosplay Mirai Kuriyama's Blood Sword :icondpcosplay:DPCosplay 2 4
Arthur (England) x Reader: The Fanfiction Writer
I'd first like to say that this is the very first fanfiction I have ever personally written, though I have read lots. I've been working on and perfecting this for a very long time, so I would love kind thoughts and comments. And yes, I know it can be obscure in some parts, so I apologize for that.
And I'm sorry for the story's immense length, but I felt it wasn't ready to end any sooner. I promise you, the length is worth it. I hope you enjoy.
                                                                     ~ Childhood ~
       (y/n) mounted her training-wheeled bike. It was a windy March day, with the tall grasses swept over and the trees trembling back and forth. Luckily, there was a tailwind, so her ride would be quite easy today, or so her mom had informed her.
       She tread the road with no effort at all, the wind pushing her forwards like a sail. Then she t
:iconnixbirchesdynasty:NixBirchesDynasty 25 19
Google is mean against Canada! by MsAnimeSakura Google is mean against Canada! :iconmsanimesakura:MsAnimeSakura 491 231 Google knows Germany so well by MsAnimeSakura Google knows Germany so well :iconmsanimesakura:MsAnimeSakura 525 191
Germanyxreader: Tricked ~ Chapter 8
--Last Time--
    It was really cool, and after moving aside a few things, you had found a small trap door leading onto the roof. It was cool and relaxing.
    Just being able to lie out and look up at the stars, alone... you sigh contently's a luxury I don't normally get.
    After a while, someone opens the trap door next to you, startling you. "Who's there?"
    "I zink ze question here is: Vhat are you doing up here?" a familiar voice says, sounding kind of depressed. His appears out from the trapdoor, leaning against it. "Well," you start while pushing yourself into a sitting position, slightly sheepish, "I was looking through the attic when I found that trapdoor and came out here. It's quite nice."
    "Vhy vere you in mein attic?" he asks, clearly fighting to keep the depression out of his voice. It's the
:iconcraftycat14:CraftyCat14 14 19
Germanyxreader: Tricked ~ Chapter 7
--Last Time--
    You soon become aware of another pair of feet treading next to you, and look up expecting to see Grace. Instead, you find that you've already caught up to Germany and are nearly running next to him.
    He doesn't appear to be bothered that you're so close to him, but you fall back a little anyway, hovering behind Germany but ahead of the others. He looks back slightly, as if just noticing that you had caught up to him. Then looks ahead again, focusing on running.
    Maybe Grace was right...
-Prussia's POV-
    After the girls had eaten dinner and gone to check out the rooms they'd be staying in, I decided to join my bruder for drink. It would give me the chance to ask him about 'my friends'.
    I sit down at the table with beer. He sighs gladly takes some, "danke." "Vere zey really zat bad?" He s
:iconcraftycat14:CraftyCat14 13 20
1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.
Questions from :iconLudwigBeilschmidt15:
1. Fruit salad, yummy yummy?
~ Fruit salad, in my tummy~
2. What's your favorite kind of tree?
3. Do you like toasters?
~No only the food that they cook
4. How would you deal with the floor ACTUALLY being lava?
~Jump out a window yelling FUCK THIS SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!
5. Have you ever seen a swan?
6. The doorbell rings and you answer it. Who wo
:iconfelicianovargas14:FelicianoVargas14 1 0
Axis Trio by TechnoRanma Axis Trio :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 412 63
*What I Wish You Knew* Germany X Reader
(( Comment please! I love all my comments and read all of them even if I don't reply! NOTICE!: This is from the POV of Germany's man diary. ))
June 24, 2013.
I have received a letter from (Name), it has been so long since I last saw her as a child. She was coming to Germany in July and wanted to meet with me. Of course I accepted and even invited her to stay with me. I have mixed feelings of this visit though. When I think about her coming I feel so funny. My heart gets this odd pain and starts to throb... I can't explain it. In any case I look forward to seeing her once more. Who knows what she is like now? Is she anything like the little girl I knew so well. She was so tiny and sweet. 'Luddy' 'Prince' she had all kinds of names for me. I remember when we use to play like I was her Prince and she was my Princess. We were so silly and naive. I regret leaving to join the military when I was just old enough to. I still remember how long she sobbed in my teenage arms when
:iconlady0red:Lady0Red 422 195
Mature content
Love is sweet! America X Reader :iconinugermany1914:InuGermany1914 33 36
This is what went down a few short days ago...
"Come on bro, don't lie!" Alfred Jones boomed at his friend, and once brother, Arthur Kirkland.
"No you bloody git! I am not lying!"
Alfred, being the loud and obnoxious man he was, knew Arthur had a crush on (Name).
(Name), was a pretty girl they met a while ago, who turned out to be the country of (county name)! She was (insert personality here), and no matter how hard Alfred tried to ignore it, he could see Arthur falling for her like a ton of bricks.
It was high time he got down to business, and brought them together. However, Arthur was being a pain in the keester.
"Uggh dude, your no fun! Can't you see I'm trying to bring you two together!" Alfred admitted, tyring to hide his excitement.
He had a plan. A very...serious plan. It would for sure get Arthut to confess to (Name). But it would be hard to fulfil because nobody liked his ideas in the first place.
You see, Arthur really didn't go for girls..
There was Sey
:icon1meh8:1meh8 715 463
Intro* Multiple Endings x Reader - Just One Night!
Ugh. It was late already. You checked your watch. 10 PM. Your everyday schedule was bursting at the seams, packed with extra classes, tutoring, and clubs. Not that you didn't enjoy it, of course. But today's bustling events had left you as the definition of exhausted, and all you wanted to do now was return to your dorm room and collapse onto your bed. Shower optional.
Wearily you trudged up the stairs, cursing the school for not installing an elevator, ski lift, magic carpet... something that got you up and down this 5-floor building besides the steepest flights of stairs that ever existed. Honestly, if you were going to live here during your years of education, might as well have a bit of luxury after a hard day, right? Your legs felt like jelly, and how you pulled your body all the way to your room on the fourth floor... who knew. Sighing, you unzipped one of the pockets of your bag and shuffled around for your room key.
It wasn't there. What?
You unzipped another pock
:iconpastichine:pastichine 263 174
R.I.P Talia
R.I.P Talia! 
Talia was a girl that lost her battle to cancer after 6 long years! She died today on 7-16-13. She earned her wings at 11:22am 
:icondefrankthetank7:DeFrankTheTank7 3 7
Strawberry Fields Forever England by Pineapplebombgirl Strawberry Fields Forever England :iconpineapplebombgirl:Pineapplebombgirl 36 6 Mother of the Gods by Hoozuki Mother of the Gods :iconhoozuki:Hoozuki 56 6
EnglandXReader: The Lost Lady Found Ch 4
Fish, grog, and sweat assailed Arthur’s nose, and the smoky emissions of pipes seared his eyes upon opening the heavy, oaken door to the dilapidated tavern.  Looking over the dim haze of the rowdy, boisterous establishment, the young man could feel little pricks of doubt dancing along his nerves.  The tavern’s patrons consisted entirely of burly, wind-roughened sailors with a smattering of heavily-rouged, buxom ladies serving drinks.
 Arthur very distinctly felt his modest height and scholar’s build as he looked through the cacophonous crowd.
Facing the prospect of such a rough, crowded, and raucous atmosphere, Arthur blanched.  Instinctively, the traveler’s hand went to the silver band resting at his breast.  He traced the circlet in slow, deliberate turns of his thumb, soothing his shaken resolve.  ‘For, ________... For, _________...’ came his brief and driving mantra.  Yes, she was the reason he was at the
:iconsylphwriter24:sylphwriter24 17 31



Ok sorry I haven't been on here in forever. I've been really busy, and still and so if I don't reply to anything for a while, that's why. I've had a lot of homework this school year and I also have to drive and a bunch other things. Ummmm... So yeah, I think that covers it....


Ludwig Beilschmit
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
As Ludwig~

-I took on my brothers (Prussia) last name due to me not remembering mine
-I am 100% STRAIGHT
-I am AM the Holy Roman Empire, I didn't know Italy was a guy, though I do love him as a friend
-You can call me by different names such as Doitsu, Germany, Ludwig, they all work
- I would put some of my pet peeves, but that would take up the entire widget so lets just leave it that I have a lot of pet peeves
-German shepherds are my favourite dog
-BMW, that is all

As Me~

-I'm 15 years old
-I'm pretty new to the whole "art thing" so I'm not the best yet
-as you can imagine I LOVE Hetalia, but I also like Black Butler and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
-I also like to Cosplay, but only go to JAFAX, seeing as its like the only one in Michigan (I live in Michigan but not saying where) (again creepers)
-I'm pretty smart I guess with about a 3.9 GPA
-I'm mostly German (mwhaha yeah that corresponds with Germany) but am also Prussian, Dutch, English, and Irish
-I'm a blonde (and yes, I get blonde moments) and bluish hazel eyes and am middle height
-I have played Violin for 4 years and don't plan on stopping anytime soon and am also teaching myself piano since I cant afford lessons
-my favorite food is either pasta or potatoes (and no I wasn't influenced by Hetalia at all)
-I love my 80's music but also like vocaloid and BUMP OF CHICKEN
-I really like meteorology
-I own 6 fish and 2 cats
-I officially have a fanfiction address check me out at:…


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Hey ^ ^
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